Meet hyaluronic acid’s more effective cousin: Saccharide Isomerate

Meet hyaluronic acid’s more effective cousin: Saccharide Isomerate


Saccharide Isomerate is hydration powerhouse derived from plant-sources. It’s more effective than hyaluronic acid and other hydrating ingredients because it mimics the skin’s natural hydration process, binding the skin and providing long-lasting, deep hydration.

If you’re wondering why, you’ve never heard of this ingredient it’s a relatively new hydrating ingredient.

“If you’re unfamiliar with saccharide isomerate, that’s because according to dermatologist Dr. Downie, it’s a relatively new hydrating ingredient. “It’s smaller than other hydrating ingredients in terms of its molecule size so it can penetrate the skin more deeply,” she explains. “Made from hydrating corn-derived sugars, it boosts skin’s natural moisturizing factors and has some long-lasting hydration [benefits].” – TZR



1. Intense Hydration

Saccharide Isomerate acts as a potent humectant, binding moisture to the skin's surface. Its unique moisture retention properties give long-lasting and deep hydration, transforming your body from dry, scaly skin to soft and hydrated.

Unlike other ingredients, saccharide isomerate mimics the natural carbohydrate complex in the skin and binds to the body – it doesn’t wash off with water, so it gives a long-lasting dose of hydration.

2. Enhanced Barrier Function

Saccharide Isomerate promotes the creation of essential fatty acids which strengthen your skin’s natural barrier. The stronger your skin barrier the better is it as protecting against environmental stressors, pollution, and UV damage. A strong skin barrier also prevents moisture loss helping your skin retain the moisture from body care products.  

3. Smoother, softer texture 

Think smoother, softer skin. Saccharide Isomerate softens and soothes skin minimizing the appearance of fine lines and leaving your skin feeling irresistibly soft.



When we set out to create Summer Skin, a key thing we wanted to create was a lotion-serum hybrid that would

  1. Deeply hydrate and nourish your skin for as long as possible;

  2. absorb into the skin without requiring unnecessary rubbing; and

  3. leave your skin feeling soft not sticky.

The current formulations on shelves weren’t cutting it so we looked for ingredients they didn’t include - going beyond the classic hyaluronic acid or shea butter to lock in moisture.   That’s when we found Saccharide Isomerate.



Binds to the skin

Saccharide Isomerate binds to the skin and doesn’t wash off with water. This innovative skincare ingredient forms a unique molecular bond with the skin, creating a water-resistant barrier. This means that when you take a shower, Saccharide Isomerate remains firmly attached to the skin, unlike other ingredients.

It’s staying power means that saccharide isomerate is able to continuously hydrate your skin leaving it feeling soft and soothed even after a shower. 

Mimics the skin’s natural hydration process

Saccharide Isomerate's effectiveness lies in its ability to mimic the skin's natural hydration process with remarkable precision. Acting like a skincare chameleon, it closely resembles the natural carbohydrates found in the skin. This mimicry enables Saccharide Isomerate to seamlessly integrate into the skin's structure, enhancing its ability to attract and retain moisture. By mirroring the skin's own hydrating mechanisms, saccharide isomerate is able to be hydration hero because it doesn’t just add moisture, it amplifies the skin’s own ability to keep itself hydrated.



Saccharide Isomerate is most suited to the following skin types:

  • dry or dehydrated skin
  • sensitive skin
  • scaly skin


It simply works

Summer Skin’s deeply hydrating formula delivers real results. A blend of nourishing ingredients works to repair your skin barrier for healthier, hydrated skin.