Amies, Wow!

what a ride so far, thanks for your help!

I wanted to take a minute to share the love, without you, we couldn’t have grown so quickly in our first 6 months.

We wanted to share some fun facts with you, our AMIES, about our journey so and how our quest for #softestskin is coming along.

421 calls with AMIES


Each year I speak to 1,000 of our customers and community (new AMIES and old!). I love meeting you!

Since launch I’ve spoken to 421 of you, that’s about 20 calls per week

on average people reorder every

42 days

The average person reorders something after 42 days. I LOVE knowing that you're taking care of your body daily with nourishing active ingredients. We wanted to make things a little easier for you so we launched a subscription service, yay!


18.3% of AMIES subscribe

We were amazed to see so many of opting in for subscription!

Lots of loyal AMIES are now receiving Summer Skin in the mail every 4, 6 or 8 weeks with 15% off!


Huda and Glamzilla!

Huda (THE Huda from Huda Beauty) found us on TikTok because of YOU. You tagged us in so many of her posts that she found us and ordered Summer Skin herself (twice). The same thing happened with Glamzilla! We have the best community EVER.  You’re our biggest cheerleaders. 

5 star reviews


We're proud of how much our AMIES love Summer Skin. Why not share your thoughts too?

We love your feedback!

Mentions in famous publications


There isn't a feeling like calling your mom to tell her we've just been featured in The Zoe Report, CNN, Hypebae and Wall Street Journal, just to drop just some of the names that have talked about us

You Made IT!

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It simply works

Summer Skin’s deeply hydrating formula delivers real results. A blend of nourishing ingredients works to repair your skin barrier for healthier, hydrated skin.