Rough, Bumpy Skin

Meet the solution: Soft-Skin Duo


Two steps to buff way bumps and roughness

Stubborn texture, bumps and roughness? It's time to upgrade your exfoliation and hydration game. We've replaced harmful scrubs with Soft-Touch, an effective chemical exfoliant mask that buffs away bumps and texture! Next, Summer Skin comes in to hydrate and nourish your skin for the healthiest, softest body you've ever had!

How it works

Powered by chemical exfoliants (30% AHA and 2% BHA), Soft-Touch works to buff away dead skin and roughness, dissolve bumps and clear pores, clearing the way for Summer Skin to do it's thing. A deeply hydrating and nourishing formula, Summer Skin's four active ingredients work quickly to transform rough, bumpy skin!